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Established in 2009 has quickly become one of the most widely used forums for people living in and around Udon Thani Province.  With membership scattered around the world as well as a large contingent of ex-pats living in Udon Thani, offers its members a forum geared towards the lighter side of life.  Sensible moderation helps to keep the conversation flowing in the right direction without being too restrictive.  Monthly meetings are now held at The Bookhouse & Coffee Shop on the first Saturday of every month at around 6pm, all are welcome to attend.

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Udon Pool League

Whilst Udon Pool League is not exactly a club or an association we do feel it merits a listing simply because of the sheer numbers of people involved every week. With currently 14 teams playing in the ongoing season this equates to over 80 people playing week in, week out.



The teams vary from some who take it very seriously to others who are simply happy to partake in the social side of visiting new bars, meeting new people and having a little fun.

If you would like to join a team it couldn't be easier, just pop along to any of the participating bars listed below and make yourself known to the owner/manager. Most teams are always on the lookout for new blood.




Udon Pool League Participants, Season 6, 2010

A Beer Too Far
Fiddlers Green
Honey Bar
Irish Clock
Kangaroo Bar
Koala Bar
Lalitas Bar
Liberty Bar
M & M Bar
Orange Moon
Phon Tatoo Bar
The Retreat

UR Note: Season 6 has been suspended, please check back for further information when available.

Pool League has resumed August 2010



    Udon Expats Club

    Udon Expats Club, formed in 2008 and have a diverse membership numbering approximately 300. The club has a well organised but friendly feel to it and the newcomer should not have the slightest second thought about attending a meeting for the first time. They will be made to feel welcome straight from the off.

    Monthly meeting are held at the Panavejinter Hospital (Formerly Paolo Hospital) where guest speakers are invited to talk on a number of informative subjects and this also allows for the meeting up with old and new friends just to shoot the breeze with. They also hold special events throughout the year.

    The cost of a years membership is currently 600 baht and as a member you become eligible to receive special discounts from Panavejinter Hospital.

    For more information please visit their website were contact information is also available.

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